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The Real Weddings of Adorn Strings: Samara & Navin

Image by Single Soul Photography

Navin has been an integral part of Adorn Stringst since 2016, performing for hundreds of weddings on both violin and viola. For his own special day, we were honoured to play some of his favourite songs as he and his beautiful bride, Samara, said "I do!" In Navin's own words, read about the meaning behind their chosen music...

"We chose the song ‘Sew My Name’ by Josh Pyke as it was such a special song my wife and I would listen to together at various parts of our relationship. It symbolises becoming a part of each other's lives and always being there with each other through it all no matter what.

‘Everlong’ was chosen as I'm a big Foo Fighters fan and always wanted that song at my wedding. I think the song, despite its somewhat sad lyrics, is quite a romantic song about taking in those special moments with your partner, so that you can feel those emotions 'everlong' during the good and tough times.

Then finally ‘Because of You’ by Pete Murray was chosen as we both love his music and thought it was a cute fun song about someone's love for their partner. It also had the right vibe to exit the ceremony with!

I made the decision to get my friend Timmy to sing with the string quartet, because as much as the music was special to me, there was a lot of intimacy, emotion and power in the lyrics of those chosen songs to convey the messages of our love and celebration that day."

Ceremony Music

Processional - Sew My Name by Josh Pyke

Certificate Signing - Everlong by Foo Fighters

Recessional - Because of You by Pete Murray


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