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Adorn Business


I've been a performing musician for decades, yet the most creativity and elegance in my life comes from running a business. 


Freelance musicians have to fulfil many roles to pave a unique and sustainable path forward in this industry; sales consultant, publicist, booking agent, stylist, bookkeeper, and ultimately... CEO of you!

It's a mountain, topped off by daily hours of practice, a glittering social life and wholesome rest.

Despite all of the voices questioning wether it would be possible for you to make a living from music, you still chose to pursue that calling because it is a beautiful, fulfilling call to answer. No matter where you are in your journey, I want to help you to curate the life you envisioned every day you said "yes" to that dream.

If you are...

— Waiting for your ideal clients to find you

— Unsure of how to identify and communicate your brand

— Buried in the demands of running a business

— Hustling and still not reaching your financial goals​

— Looking to elevate your client experience


"Sage was incredibly insightful and motivational when it came to providing me with business advice. She was thorough, answered all of my questions and provided amazing feedback. Sage helped to design my logo and established an effective and efficient admin system, which has consequently saved me SO much time and energy. I could not recommend Sage enough for your business ventures."

— Florence, Violinist AUS

"Sage is so experienced and knowledgeable about the wedding industry, and offered not only amazing advice and tips for my business, but helped keep me accountable in my progress. Plus, she's a gem of a human being and I always look forward to our calls!! 10/10 recommend working with Sage to level up your business and grow as a business owner!!"

— Regina, Violinist U.S.A

"Having collaborated with Sage on numerous projects across the last 5 years I can truly say she is an indispensable talent. Her industry knowledge and knack for giving constructive feedback has given me the confidence to elevate my ideas into highly polished results. She honours the creative talent of individuals and groups while encouraging them out of their comfort zone and into more business savvy practices. I don't ever want to do another project without her!"

— Candice, Designer & Producer UK

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